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Dear Supporter –

With every school that comes through Trees For Tomorrow’s doors, they end their stay by writing thank you notes to the donors who helped supplement their visit to our campus. It is one of my great pleasures to read these thank you notes before they’re forwarded on to the scholarship donors. The notes reflect so many things: Gratitude, learning, wonder, excitement, and adventure. But so often, I’m struck by the sentiment that so many of the kids say they don’t want to leave. This, I believe, is a testament to the power of immersing kids in the outdoors. And our donors are an important piece of this recipe for success.

Please help inspire that excitement, and support the ongoing mission of Trees For Tomorrow to promote sustainable management of our natural resources through transformative educational experiences. Your year-end donation in the amount of $100 or more will support a child’s education in sustainable stewardship of our natural resources at a time when conservation and responsible management is more important than ever before.

Recently I had the opportunity to read a thank you note from a child at a middle school in the Milwaukee area. So many kids come to Trees For Tomorrow from urban areas – some moderate sized cities like Stevens Point, and others from large metropolitan areas like Milwaukee and Chicago. Often, they have never spent time in a wilderness setting, and immersing them in the Northwoods has a profound effect on their experience, and their learning.
“Thank you for the experience that I will never forget! In Milwaukee, we don’t get the opportunity to experience walking through the forest. I didn’t believe that I could learn so much in 3 days!”
Kids learn a lot at Trees For Tomorrow, and we couple those lessons with fun outdoor activities that keep students engaged, excited and interested in what they’re learning. To teach them about responsible forest management, we take them to properly managed forests and show them how to identify trees and collect a variety of data. To learn about water quality, we teach them to canoe on local lakes where they take water samples and see the diversity of life that clean water harbors. To show them how animals flourish in the forests, we teach them to identify tracks and habitat and ask them to take into consideration their surroundings. Those well managed forests provide territory for a variety of species.

$100 will fully fund a one-night stay with programming for a child at Trees For Tomorrow.

While we wish we could provide this learning experience for free, the reality is we can’t. That’s where you come in. Trees For Tomorrow seeks out strong, mutually supportive relationships with a variety of partner organizations, corporations, campuses, agencies and individuals to enhance the Trees For Tomorrow experience and advance the Trees For Tomorrow mission. This includes you - our supporters, alumni and those who understand the value of exposing kids to the outdoors, and teaching them how to use our natural resources in a responsible manner.

Experiences at Trees For Tomorrow are accessible to children from all economic backgrounds and all locales. The lessons they learn here are just as relevant whether they live in an urban setting or in a suburban or rural environment. A healthy environment that includes clean water, trees and wildlife habitat are important no matter where our students come from.

A student from Green Bay recently wrote about how critical the scholarship support was in allowing him to come to Trees For Tomorrow:
“… Before I came to my new school my brother went to the hospital a lot! And so we are kinda low on money right now. At my house all of my brothers have jobs. I have 5 brothers. But, you helped me be able to go to camp! Thank you so much…”
While this student was forthcoming about his family’s situation, we know there are many who are not as candid. Schools pay what they can afford to be able to bring their students to Trees. But there is a gap between what they can afford to pay, and what it costs us to provide these valuable programs. It’s that gap that we are asking you to help us fill.

Trees For Tomorrow has been providing educational opportunities to participants, regardless of their ability to pay, for 72 years. We could not have done this without the support of people like you. Thank you for supporting Trees For Tomorrow.  You have the ability to continue to make a positive impact on the lives of students by affording them the opportunity to take advantage of our programs. Your generosity is a critical piece in spreading the message to as many children as possible in the northern Great Lakes.

Your generosity is helping kids learn skills that will be beneficial to them far beyond the walls of our classrooms. They take the lessons they learn here, and apply them to life. Many of our students go on to pursue careers in natural resources, others become more conscious citizens because of what they learn. They all come away changed because of the opportunity they were given to slow down and spend time in the forest.

Reading the thank you notes our students write gives me insight into how we’re changing lives, one student at a time. I hope you are as inspired by their words as I am.

Your tax-deductible donation of $100 or more will make a huge difference in the life of a student who will take the next step toward being tomorrow’s steward of our natural world. Please consider a year end donation today.

Your support is greatly appreciated!
Robin Ginner
Executive Director




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